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Daniel Island may annex to Charleston County


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There have been some rumblings to move Daniel Island and perhaps Cainhoy from Berkeley County to Charleston County.





In 1976 part of Kershaw County left for Lancaster County.  Since then, Edisto Beach and part of Edisto Island left Charleston County for Colleton County.  A small part of Ladson left Charleston County for Dorchester County also.  



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Interesting stuff. It's a pretty impressive statistic that Daniel Island -a very small land area- makes up 20% of Berkeley County's residential tax base.




Whatever happened with Edisto Beach? Weren't they contemplating moving back to Charleston?

That number caught my eye too.  Especially since much of D.I. is still undeveloped. 


Now that you mention it, I seem to remember something about Edisto Beach, but I don't think it went anywhere.

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On 9/12/13 over 500 people attended a meeting to discuss the issue.  The island newspaper has articles on that meeting and the issues involved.  It appears not much can be determined until a commission is formed, once the required petition signatures are obtained.  Between 500-600 are needed and 295 were obtained as of 9/17/13.   





There is dispute as to whether the school district would automatically change from Berkeley to Charleston.  I remember in the 1980's when their was an unsuccessful effort to move Hemingway from Williamsburg to Florence County, it was a given that the annexing area would either have its own school district, or be absorbed by the Florence 5 school district.  There was no expectation that they would remain in the Williamsburg district if it passed.  

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650 signatures have been obtained as of 9/24.  A meeting on Monday, 9/30 will have the Berkeley School Board announcing what sites they are considering for location of the new school, which is a big part of the push for annexation. The petitions will not be presented until after that meeting.

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Petitions with 700 signatures have been submitted to the Governor.  She will appoint the committee members that will study the annexation.  I think the viability of the move will depend largely on what the committee determines. The school issue has subsided but there are other concerns as well.  Getting a 67% majority is a big mandate to reach.

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