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Dog-friendly spots


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Not sure how much interest there is on this board, but I thought it would be nice to have a thread that exposes some goods spots that welcomes those of us with dogs, but may not advertise as such. Obviously we have places like the Dog Bar in NoDa and Barks & Brews in Cornelius, and a handful of dog parks (not enough though), but there are other places that are willing to accommodate dogs. Where do you like to bring yours?


In addition to the purpose-built dog-friendly bars I mentioned above, I like to bring my pup to:

Common Market Southend - dogs welcomed on patio

JJ's Red Hots - roof deck

Bulldog Beer & Wine - dogs allowed inside and at bar, but must be on leash

Thomas St. Tavern - you have to be let in the back, but they are allowed on the back deck

VBGB - dogs allowed outside, though they don't seem to have a problem with you walking them through the inside to get there either

Brevard Ct. alley seating


Places I intend to check out but haven't been yet:

Triple C Brewery - I'm told that well-behaved dogs are allowed to be off-leash, but unreliable source

Vivace - Dogs allowed on patio...figured it would be a nice drink break on a greenway walk


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I always see loose dogs inside both Triple C and Birdsong. I suspect NoDa Brewing would be the same way.*


*health code-wise, these places (and dog bar) don't serve any food. once food is served, the health department cracks down on the doggies inside.

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Cool, I was skeptical of the off-leash report on Triple C, but it makes sense. Glad to hear it may be common at the other breweries. Common Market used to allow (leashed) dogs inside until the health department started giving them trouble, and I was told that the PM location doesn't allow dogs at all anymore. 

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Lowe's Home Improvement in SouthEnd.  Leashed dogs welcome.

Really? Inside Lowe's? Nice.


Solstice in Noda allows dogs on their back patio. They serve food out there too. But you have to go around to the side fence entrance, not through the front door with your dog.


Zeda Jane's on Plaza allows dogs outside on their patio.

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