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45 Asheland Ave.


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From Asheville Citizen-Times:



"Two local architects are planning to build a six-story
building in downtown that will house 27 residential condominiums.

Peter Alberice and Robert Camille Jr. hope to break
ground on the project later this year at 45 Asheland Ave., a site that is now
home to ARC Document Solutions and across the street from the Asheville Transit
Systems bus station. The building would house condos costing $400,000-$700,000.

The project is the latest sign that segments of the
local real estate market are rebounding from the Great Recession. A project to
build 13 new lofts on Rankin Avenue started earlier this year. Buncombe
County’s building permits for new houses showed a 20 percent increase during




More information at 45asheland.com

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Firstly we must note that these are condos, which means that sales targets must be met before construction begins. Plenty of condo projects have withered on the vine in Asheville and frankly I expect the same here. The projects that have been successful in other cities lately have been apartments targeting young professionals with significant salaries and no families who want to live downtown close to nightlife. Asheville hasn't seen any of this because (Correct me if i'm wrong here) this demographic is nearly non existent.

The positive: This is a big step forward for Ashland Ave, the major entry point to downtown from the south but until now completely dominated by uninteresting industrial buildings.

The negative: I really don't care for the design. It looks like a cardboard box with balconies. 12 S Lexington by this same developer also has a pretty bland design, but it is in a very non obtrusive location. This one will stand out.

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