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I just wanted to let everyone know that Tim and I are going to be making some changes on the layout of the Nashville forum. We are going to do threads by area of town and you will be able to figure it out once the threads are posted. What we are trying to accomplish is a little more cohesiveness and less threads and clutter on the board. So, any item that you want to post for a particular part of town will go into that thread. If we need to make some changes as we go that will not be a problem. For example anything to do with Green Hills and Bell Meade would be in one thread. Midtown/West End and Music row another and so on. These threads will be pinned for quick access. Please feel free to give us some feed back as this is not set in stone but we want to make sure the board is the best it can be. You all are great and keep your comments coming.

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^ Good point. The Food and Beverage thread may be sufficient for most of the development we could see in W. Nashville. We also don't want to have too many pinned threads at the top of the screen. Perhaps we could hold off on this one and wait and see if development picks up on the west side.

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