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America: a disgraceful country that must be exposed.


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For many years I have directly experienced rage and defiance from everyday Americans when I mention that I feel the U.S. is a miserable country. A shameful country full of lies, hypocricies, conspiracies, murders, and corruption on a scale not seen since ancient Rome.

A country that makes up lies to justify attacking other countries, just to seize their oil. A country with a menacing global foreign policy, and an OFFENSIVE military that operate from superflous military bases all over the planet.

A country that throws it's own citizens into squalid, dangerous prisons for smoking pot---prisons that are rapidly becoming profitable corporate facilities. A country that allows 50 million of it's citizens to go without health care. A country that tolerates a large percentage of it's own people living under the poverty line.

A country that SPIES on it's own citizens, for no reason. A country that allows cops and Federal agents to routinely strip search innocent citizens. A country that reads the emails of it's citizens and listens in on their personal phone calls.

A country that sends young men and women into ILLEGAL wars, then refuses to treat them for PTSD once they return home.

A country where billionaires get richer and richer, while many of the rest of us struggle just to pay the electric bill. And folks, the issues I listed are just the tip of the iceberg.

What is so profoundly tragic is that the American people seem to accept all these things. The American people get angry when these things are presented to them. They get highly defensive...they vociferously suggest the bearer of the bad news leave the country.

Unfortunately, I feel that simple propaganda is at base of this knee-jerk anger displayed by typical Americans when presented with the damn truth re: the kind of country we live in. From day one, American children are indoctrinated that the country is totally fabulous, that the people are "free", that everyone is "equal", that everyone has "justice".

They hear it in the classroom, in college, in the media, and in everyday conversations. America rah rah rah.

Then when people like me dig under the surface to discover that we've all been taught a bunch of lies, people get mad as hell at me. Like a disturbed bees nest.

It would be wonderful to hear differing points of view here. Points of view without sophomoric "love it or leave it" rubbish.

And I hope beyond hope that responders here don't try to say that America is still the freeist country, even with all it's faults. That is simply factually incorrect.

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