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Nashville: Fashion Mecca


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Nashville is 4th out of 20 metros of more than 1 million for fashion designers (total number as percentage of population) in the U.S. They also earn a pretty decent wage.


I didn't want to start a new thread, but didn't see anywhere else to put this. Read the entire article, but the relevant bit about Nashville is in the last third. Not really surprising when you think about the connection to the music industry. Although the total number of people working in this industry is small, perhaps there is room to expand, become higher profile, start a fashion week, etc. Especially with the profile Nashville is about to get with a new ABC network drama.

Does Watkins College of Art offer a fashion design program? Nope. Perhaps they should start one.

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Interesting article! I had no idea! And really, Nashville should be third on that list since Columbus is likely only that high because it is the HQ of a couple large national chains. Nashville's creative class drives the fashion industry in this city, whereas in Columbus it's mostly just a bunch of 'fashion related' corporate jobs.

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