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Neil Armstrong dead at 82


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Besides the word of the U.S. govt, what evidence is there that Neil actually walked on the moon? Does the Russian Space agency have evidence to back it up? Does any Chinese or Israeli spy agency have information that could corroborate NASA's official story?

Because if all we have is the word of the U.S. govt that Neil walked on the moon, I'm still not ready to believe it.....too many questions unanswered, too many anamolies and too much suspected fakery.

Any "proof" requires evidence from multiple, verifiable sources. The word of the U.S. govt is just one source....believing the U.S. govt regarding such a huge thing is similar to people believing in the bible, simply because the bible claims it's true, "so that makes it true".

Just one snippet I hope everyone has already seen. Years ago, Neil was approached by a journalist offering him $5000 for the charity of his choice, if he would simply put his hand on the bible and swear he walked on the moon. Neil FROZE WITH FEAR and refused.

A one minute video. Watch Neil's reaction.


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There are a number conspiracies surrounding the moon landings and the U.S. faking the moon landing is one of them. Some have suggested its the biggest reason he stayed out of the public spot light because he felt guilty being a part of a "big lie". Others say he went to the moon, but the Apollo astronauts saw some "interesting" things that don't belong there. He rarely did interviews. There is evidence of photo fakery. For example two completely different photos had identical terrain in the background as if someone did a crude cut and paste job. The stars have been blacked out. It could mean one of two things. The moon landings took place somewhere in the Nevada desert or they went there but some "things" (ufos/ancient structures, ect) had to be covered-up in the photos. However I will say that my grandfather never believed we went to the moon either. What ever the truth is, You do have to wonder why we never "went back" after the early 70s. The shuttle missions were more expensive and why build an international space station when the moon can be used as a base? With all this talk about going to Mars, why not set up a moon colony first? That would be the perfect test grounds before going to Mars.


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..... However I will say that my grandfather never believed we went to the moon either.....

My grandfather steadfastly disbelieved it too! The entire family made fun of him about it.

I was only 14 when Neil supposedly walked on the moon, and I was too young to question things of such magnitude. Now I realize my grandfather's suspicions might have been true.

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Neil Armstrong was a 33 Degree Mason. Perhaps he was chosen "to go to the moon" because he was certifiably proven to be able to keep his mouth shut. Isn't that one of the things 33 Degree Masons do....keep their mouths shut~

Yes he was a 33 degree mason.

The Apollo 11 mission meticulously landed at 33° on the Moon and 33 minutes after the touchdown, Neil Armstrong and the 33° Scottish Rite freemason, Buzz Aldrin, carried out a ritual to Egyptian god Osiris, while the Orion belt was aligned in the lunar horizon. There is a connection with the Great Pyramid and Orion. The freemasons included the great pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill. The Great Pyramids are laid out to match the alignment of Orion's 3 stars as they appeared in 10,500 bc. That tells me the pyramids were either built in 10,500 bc or the ancient Egyptians had some sort of unknown technology that would have allowed them to see how these stars were precisely aligned thousands of years earlier.

What is it with the three stars of Orion's belt? NASA used the name and image on planned space missions. This patch shows a red streak coming from Orion to earth. I wonder what that red streak symbolizes???? Add to the fact that the patch is shaped like a pyramid.


(Osiris eye symbol) The Egyptians identified their god Osiris with the constellation of Orion. NASA and the freemasons seems to paying homage to both.



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^^it's documented that Neil and Buzz carried out a ritual to Osiris?

Yes it has been documented. It was mentioned on a documentary on the History Channel.

Here is another source below that shows a picture of Armstrong taking part of a freemason ritual. BTW most of the astronauts, U.S. presidents and other people of high power were/are freemasons. There is speculation Obama is a mason. A photo surfaced with a young Barack Obama wearing a masonic ring.


interesting documentary about the moon hoax

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Steven Greer, a doctor from Charlotte, NC organized the "Disclosure Project". In 2001 he had dozens and dozens of men come to the national press club in Washington, DC. They were former pilots, military and government personnel. They all said the UFO phenomena was real. Others including astronauts have privately spoken to Greer about the UFO reality but they didn't want to going on record saying UFOs are real. Greer spoke with family members of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and they told him that the Apollo astronauts saw two large UFOs sitting on the edge of the crater near the lunar module. Its interesting because while the world was listening, there were several "blackouts" when the public could not see or hear anything. Neil Armstrong became somewhat of a recluse after the moon landing, and rarely spoke of the historic event. For years he refused to talk about his trip to the moon. His friends and family told Greer that this is because he was a man of such integrity that he simply did not want to be put in a position to lie to the public about such a momentous encounter.

Greer asked one of Neil Armstrong’s friends if Armstrong would come to Washington to brief members of Congress at the 1997 Congressional briefing he organized in April of that year. He was told that Armstrong wished he could, but if he spoke about what really happened during the moon landing, that Neil Armstrong, his wife, and children would all be killed. Great men and leaders have been killed by portions of our government before. JFK comes to mind. Strange things on the moon could explain why some of the images looked doctored up. Original film footage of the moon landing mysteriously went missing for 30 plus years and was recently "found". We are use to seeing grainy film footage but in fact the landing was filmed in high definition color. Til this day NASA has not shown the public the high definition film. What is even more revealing is the post press conference in 1969 two weeks after the first moon landing. The three Apollo astronauts looked shaken up as if they wanted to say something but they couldn't. The mood was very much like they were at a funeral. They all had a look of guilt on their faces. Years later Buzz Aldrin slipped and said every word that they said in space was scripted. I can understand following some sort of a script by why did NASA script EVERY word they said? Was is to prevent the astronauts from accidently revealing something?

All you have to do is look at the first 5 minutes are so and you can see for yourselves.

This two minute video clip is very interesting as well.


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Although I have no evidence, my gut feeling is that these occasional "leaks" re: UFOs on the moon during Neil Armstrong's moonwalk are just planned and ongoing disinformation propaganda.

If you think about it, when people start assuming Neil and Buzz saw UFOs on the moon, they have also taken a huge step in believing Neil and Buzz walked on the moon (in the first place.)

How easy would it be for a covert CIA agent to "leak" it that Neil or Buzz whispered in her ear that they saw UFOs on the moon? Easy as pie.

I still think "UFOs" as known today, are the US govt's best friend in covering up what they are really doing in secret. The US govt must certainly want to keep UFO mythology alive and well. Just my 2 cents-heheh. :)

Some pics I looked up, to illustrate what we've been discussing on urbanplanet. After "returning to earth", Neil and Buzz looked like they were attending their spouses' funerals.

Look at a photograph of Lindburg's parade after his famous accomplishment:

http://1.bp.blogspot...ticker tape.jpg

Yuri Gagarin, a Russian space hero, at a parade thrown for him in the UK in 1961. A photograph.


A photograph of an elated Alan Shepard.


And NOW look at a photograph of the parade thrown for the Apollo "moon walkers". No looks of joy in the astronauts' faces. No happiness. No pride. No connection with the crowd. Generally speaking, they appear to look funereal. I think Neil's face looks full of shame. Buzz is forcing a smirk.


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Whether we went to the moon or not or whether the astronauts saw UFOs on the moon or not, I think there is something about the whole topic that is being kept from the public. What ever it is they are hiding, its a reason there are no missions to the moon today. Its just strange to me that we abruptly stopped in the early 70s and haven't been back since. If we never went to the moon, one could say with today's technology it would be very difficult to fake a moon mission. On the other hand those who believe in the UFO explanation say that we were "warned" off the moon and told not to come back. As far as UFOs, there is enough evidence out there which has nothing to do with the moon that tells me that they are real. Over 50% of Americans believe UFOs are real which says a lot. There is a saying, truth is often stranger than fiction. The universe is filled with great mysteries. Its larger than our minds can even begin to comprehend. When you think about the distances between stars and understand there are billions of stars in billions of galaxies which are spread out many times further than stars, it really blows your mind away. Have you ever wondered if the universe just goes on forever? If the universe/physical space has boundaries, whats beyond those boundaries? Its really baffling to think about the answers to those questions. I think we are like fish in the deep ocean that has no clue whats above the surface of the water. I believe its impossible for us to be alone in the universe. But I think whether you believe Armstrong went to the moon and saw UFOs or if you believe he never went to the moon, we all can agree he was part of some cover-up and it did affect him. Most of the astronauts "who went to the moon" all left NASA shortly after their trips and many became alcoholics and suffered from depression.

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"Its just strange to me that we abruptly stopped in the early 70s and haven't been back since."

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Director of the Hayden Planetarium in NYC, an astrophysicist and who has also served on the NASA Advisory Council (he will also host an upcoming sequel to Carl Sagan's Cosmos series), has made the case that NASA's funding (especially on the manned program) has been directly related to the Cold War and keeping up with the Joneses for military purposes.

That said, with China, South Korea, Japan and others stepping up their interest in space, look for NASA and its manned space exploration to once again become relevant. As for the other theories, I'm looking for my VHS tape of Capricorn One now.

Meanwhile, greetings from central Florida and the Space Coast! Also a shout out that yesterday (as noted by Google) was the 46th anniversary of the initial broadcast of Star Trek - Live Long and Prosper!

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