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  1. 1. Should topics about Anderson be located in the Greenville forum?

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I'm looking at different ways to organize some of the information in the South Carolina forum. There are a few places that I think may get more attention if they were located in the forums of the cities to which they are often associated. Specifically, I'm looking at Anderson and Sumter being relocated to the Greenville and Columbia forums, respectively.

But before I do that, I want to know what y'all think about this idea. I'm by no means committed to it, I just want to try something new. I feel like these two towns have a very close relationship with the larger communities nearby and it makes sense to combine them as mentioned above. Let me know your thoughts!

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True. I guess the thing to consider is that there aren't very many Anderson topics to begin with, but I think they would be more active if they were in the Greenville section rather than the South Carolina general topics section.

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