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Fujian - China

The city is situated on the east coast between Hong Kong and Shanghai, near Taiwan.

1.4 million people live in this city which was made into a Special Economic Zone in 1980.

Xiamen is a well-known coastal tourist city and an international cruise port with beautiful

landscape. It has been accredited successively as a National Sanitary City, National

Model City for Environmental Protection, National Garden City, and National Excellent

Tourist City, and is recognized as one of the most habitable cities in China.






Around Zhongshan park


Hai cang bridge




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These pictures almost seem Photoshopped because Xiamen does not look that nice, although I was last there in '99.

Xiamen has a very cool little Downtown area that looks much more like Europe. Fujian province itself is very beautiful and has a great climate, but Xiamen also has very modern-minded people, and is large enough, but not ridiculous like Guangzhou, Shenzhen or Chengdu.

The last picture is actually of Gu Lang Yu, which is a resort island just off the coast of Xiamen (about a 30-minute ferry). There are no motorized vehicles allowed on the island, which is what makes the place so cool and very clean. The beaches are all pretty lame, though.

The interesting thing about China is that every city has their own brewery and cigarette factory. Xiamen had some of the best Chinese beer I've ever had (which, honestly, isn't saying that much about the beer), of course I could never remember the name of it.

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