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Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion


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Here are some pics of CLT on 9/11...look at all the planes!!!


Control Tower and Statue of Queen Charlotte getting blown by all the Jets in front of the terminal.


Concourse E with AirForce 1 and downtown Charlotte in the background.


Concourse A


Concourse B


Concourse C


Concourse E back when it was under construction.

Unfortunatly I don't have any pics of Concourse D.

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I think it was back in 2001 about middle november an TLC was talking about our nation's airport and CLT was ranked number 2 in best safety They showed some things about the stuff and security and the airport and they showed how CLT had two of only seven machaines in the world

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Nice pics! I love the one of airforce one taking off with the skyline in the background. Does Charlotte's airport have any major expansion plans?

They do actually. There was a post over at SSP so maybe it'll be reposted here but it included a 4th runway and I think an extension of an existing runway to handle cargo from Asia or something like that.

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Expanding by 25 gates is insane under this environment. This is exactly what is plaguing Pittsburgh right now.

Pittsburgh has an entirely brand spanking new airport (relatively speaking) that opened in 1992 - and the SOLE reason for their outrageous operating fees is due to the fact that US Airways hasn't been able to pay down debt to pay the terminal off - because the terminal was designed and delivered to them for the sole purpose of running their main hub @ PGH under the old hub-and-spoke system.

Now that US Air doesn't have the demand to keep that up, the airport fees are tremendous.

If Charlotte "invests" in this, look for either high, less competitive airport fees or higher taxes if CLT decides to make taxpayers the fallback for the decision.

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They are expanding Concourse E...which is the Commuter Concourse...where you see a lot of the RJ jets and Turbo Props. It is currently 3 years old and has 25 gates...it is already too small. US Airways has made a large RJ Jet pruchase and so a lot of their new flights will be RJ....so Charlotte is expanding Concourse E to 50 gates.

The expansion will be financed by a PFC...so no increase in fees to the airlines, and the CLT Airport is self supporting and does not depend on any City taxes....All the financial banks are happy with this deal...in fact they have upgraded Charlotte/Douglas' credit rating. I think that speaks voulmes for the excellant people running our airport, especially when you consider that our main airline is financially junk status.

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Well, even if US Airways folds, I really only see it as a temporary roadbump for the airport. It's a great state-of-the-art facility that will probably fill in quickly with non-hub flights, and then perhaps another big airline will step in and look to build a hub here. But I don't think it will be very long-term doom and gloom. Maybe I'm just optimistic though.

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