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Richmond's Nascar Hall of Fame Bid


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thanks! I know that a bunch of people that work downtown are going to that rally at capitol square tomorrow.

I saw the banners on the news tonight. I thought they wouldve been draped all down the sides of the Riverfront Plaza Towers. Not exactly.... but I'm still planning on going down there to take some pics anyways. ITs crunch time for me taking pics guys. I leave for school this weekend.

I'm not really a NASCAR fan but mannn if we got this thing.....it would be incredible!

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what a CRAPPY day for NASCAR to come to down. It's starting to rain outside. I bet there is a correlation between weather and a person's overall experience. Hope the pitch is good!


Is the forecast for rain all day? Hope there are no thunderstorms during the fly-over of the 95/295 site later in the day! :rolleyes:

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Came across these at the Times-Dispatch website:

Winner Circle


Bill France Gallery


The Race Strategy Gallery


View from freeway



I like the view of the winner circle, but the interior views don't get me excited, but I could say that about all five of the bids. I would still like to see more views of the building as a whole as well.

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The question is, what does a NASCAR fan want to see?

Daytona Beach, Fla can't get the money to build HOF. Nice vacation area.

90% of all NASCA racing teams are in the Charlotte area. Has many companies in support of NASCAR teams. HOF would be in addition to race shops in the area,

which has many vistors. Home of Speed Channel, has NASCAR Records here.

There is more here about NASCAR in Charlotte, than any city in the US.

Atlanta looks better than Daytona Beach. Lots to do uptown. Where will they park

their big RVs.

Kansas City, steak anyone. New to NASCAR. Who will drive out there to see the HOF. The France family What do they have beside their race track (5 yrs. old) which is owen by the France family?????

Richmond has NASCAR history, near a large population.

If its down to money, which I think it is. Where are NASCAR fans going in ten years from now when the HOF is ten tears old? What happens if they don't like the city selected, that could happen.

The France family will make the choice in December. They say they want it to make money, we will see. Bruton Smith which is in Charlotte, is no friend of the France family.

The NASCAR Fans has no say. Will they go, if they build it.

Other HOF do not have big attendance over the long haul.

You fill in the blank where it should be if it was your money on the line.

I think all cities have done a good job with their HOF plans.

I would not bet any money where it is going.

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great commentary in the RTD today by Josh Lief on the Hall of Fame bid.....

"August 23 was a wonderful day for Greater Richmond. Thrust onto the national stage in a competition against four worthy opponents, our region came together and shined. From the moment the NASCAR delegation walked across the red carpet set out by the Virginia Air National Guard, until late in the day when our four helicopters touched down at the airport, we put on a dazzling display of unity, proficiency, and enthusiasm. Since the beginning of 2005, our pursuit of the NASCAR Hall of Fame has truly been a broad-based public-private partnership, with funding and in-kind contributions (and just as important, ideas for substance and sizzle) coming from the private, local, regional, and state sectors.

We laid out to NASCAR objective reasons that Greater Richmond should be the future home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, including that:

* There are 55 million people within 300 miles (between 20 and 38 million more than our competitors);

* Greater Richmond is perfectly positioned for access to NASCAR's growth and traditional markets;

* NASCAR is Virginia's major league sport and the Hall of Fame won't get lost among other sports attractions;

* VIRGINIA HAS a vibrant tourism industry that would complement the Hall of Fame;

* Greater Richmond's primary site provides the best access for the fans; and

* Our plan was to develop a complete NASCAR-themed destination that would include the Hall, a hotel, specialty retail, and a speed-park that would make the Hall a marquee destination right on a major interstate (in contrast to the stand-alone museums proposed by some of our competitors in hard-to-reach downtown locations)................"

read the whole commentary...it's pretty good:


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article in the paper saying how impressed NASCAR was with all of the cities' bids.... France says that they will narrow the pack to two cities sometime this fall.


Yeah. For some reason there was a lot of talk in today's paper about the HOF. I guess it's because the races are this weekend.

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there was a pretty good article in the times-dispatch today about the family that sold their family farm so that the NASCAR Hall of Fame could be built there.....


I don't believe the sale is final. HOF group has a firm option on it, the way I read it.

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