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Not too many big-time rappers rep NC


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why not put this post in a forum on a rap website, because i dont care about a 14 year old rapping and sounding like a 23 year old.  So go back to school and freestyle out in the courtyard with your friends at lunch and dream on.


Haha, well it really ought to be in the coffee house.

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Why ya'll hatin on Namu336? He's juss trying to keep it real! It's hard to be a white rapper and be taken seriously. I feel your struggle, young brother! I feel your struggle!

Just for future reference, it's not a good idea to bust on someone's grammar when you write "U" instead of "you", and you don't use the correct punctuation. It tends to kill any kind of credibility you are trying to attain.

Keep striving for your dream. If that is what you want to do, then by all means pursue it vigorously. You don't have to be down on everything to be a rapper.

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Let jus put it this way, i'm 14 and i got skills of a 23 year old and my rhymes actually make sense, which is usually uncommon for a southern rapper


If you don't really fit in with the Dirty South image, try some East Coast style. Jay-Z and Nas both have "smart" raps...also others like Kanye West.

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Interesting Forum...

North Carolina's lack of big name, big hype rap artist is probably due to its location..

If your reppin any city other than Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, Houston, VA Beach, or even Miami, its going to be an up hill battlle

Its seems respect to big name, big hype cities correlate with a rappers success.

Not that Charlotte or Raleigh are one stop light towns, or cant produce more big name rappers,.. its just more popular to be from a more glamorous (crime ridden) city. I dont think the murder rate in Greensboro surpasses New Orleans, and the "Dope Game" is more apparent in Rocky Mount than in Miami.

Yes,.. I know more rappers are coming out of the South, and more street credibility is now given to a southern lyricist. But last time I checked, if your weren't sayin "ATL SHAWTY",.. your probably not going platinum...

Disclaimer:... Aye shawty, this jes my opinion ya heard,..

Holla back wit cha post.

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