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  1. Thank you for doing all that research and voicing your concerns! One thing I wonder but probably already know the answer to: if they are in a commerical zoning and are being operated as a business, I'm going to guess they aren't being taxed as a business/hotel... Is this going to be an STR setup too? All this housing being built on previously commercially zoned property now has me skeptical.
  2. What is up with all the litter everywhere? Is the city not cleaning any of this up unless explicitly directed to do so through a hub request? Who do we contact to ask about this? I for one would like to see some billboard / sign campaigns to reduce littering. Maybe some enforcement of littering as well, my uncle was a LEO in another city and his job was strictly to enforce these types of laws. It seems as though so many people just do not care about littering at all and just throw their trash out of their cars indiscriminately. It's upsetting.
  3. It seems as though the city may have quietly reversed all the restrictions that were the result of so many angry residents at council meetings a few short years ago. It would be extremely frustrating if this were true. I hope I am wrong.
  4. I'm gonna be a Karen and report it on a hub request. If nothing else, to see what changed with where STR borders are drawn. I was almost certain that only districts close to the downtown core were allowed, and all others banned. The Nations is not near the core of downtown.
  5. I thought this district was not allowed to have non-owner-occupied STRs.. what am I missing?
  6. earth moving has begun on the first half of phase 3 of the Miken development between Vernon Ave and Nashua Ln (sorry no pictures)
  7. My main issue isn't with the roundabout itself, it's with the fact that stop signs still remain adjacent to them, and people are blowing past them now. Only a matter of time before a wreck happens. Also, these were put into streets that are not wide. If someone parks a vehicle along the street too close to the roundabout, it becomes a sketchy endeavor going through it. I have no issues with roundabouts. I have issues with THESE roundabouts. And I'm not the only one, apparently. How many people attended? What comments were made about them?
  8. People are blowing stop signs more now with these in than they were before because the simultaneous stop sign/roundabout combo obviously confuses and distracts drivers
  9. Nations roundabout update, the people have spoken and they are not happy. For what it's worth, I don't remember this ever being brought up to the public before being haphazardly (read: poorly) implemented. Funny that the city has time/money to lay concrete curbing for this nonsense but can't add sidewalks or bollards/dots to streets where pedestrians badly need it. I've also noticed a guardrail that was damaged that I reported months ago.. still isn't fixed. Priorities. Also before you start pointing fingers, it wasn't me. My handwriting would be illegible.
  10. This happened to me just now - someone completely ran the stop sign thinking it was a normal roundabout. I guess I should once again inform NDOT of their traffic engineering flaws.
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