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  1. Agreed. This project is DEAD. GREENVILLE SUCKS!!!! NO MORE TOWER CRANES!!!!
  2. Yes I am as both require the same type of work to get built. I am also wondering why the Publix site has more workers on it than this project does. Doesn’t make sense. Is it a general contractor issue? Is it a financing issue? Is the city refusing to issue building permits? Just because I am comparing a Publix project to this one doesn’t mean I hate our city. If this County Square project was in Charlotte or wherever else, I would be saying the same thing due to its slow pace. Has nothing to do with Greenville in particular.
  3. How is it more complicated? Minus building demolition which has been complete for a while now especially on the south side of University Ridge both sites require site grading, sewer/drainage installation, water, gas, electric, new roads, building of structures, etc. The Publix development requires the exact same type of work that this project does. Ehhh…doesn’t really matter though. The County Square project is turning slowly but surely into another Magnolia Park sadly.
  4. I understand it’s a holiday but @apaladinis right that really does seem to a be lack of construction workers on this site for such a massive project. Very odd and kind of concerning. For example, the Publix near my house has been only under construction for a few weeks now and it’s further along than this is and with more workers on site everyday.
  5. Biltmore Walk groundbreaking this month with construction starting in August or September. $40 million and 44 luxury townhomes: https://upstatebusinessjournal.com/square-feet/keene-development-emphasizes-quality-durability-in-downtown-greenville-townhomes/
  6. Any renderings of these planned townhomes anywhere?
  7. https://www.greenvillebusinessmag.com/2024/07/01/495822/a-new-york-flair-for-the-palmetto-state?fbclid=PAZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAaYQqj7cRQ5Q6BmJFC4CS6KKkjXRPaQsTfDd488niesuCyNKI3ywPeAv_VE_aem_f4t8FIqXEEFKtzdM5CA5xA Some tidbits regarding Kimpton and Biltmore Walk within the article also.
  8. When is construction (site grading) going to start on Woven? Still looking at October or November?
  9. Avelo has extended their schedule. MHT cut after November 4th but returns in May 2025. HVN goes to twice a week after November 4th. ROC cut after November 3rd but returns in May 2025. The next agenda meeting pdf file for the airport should be posted this Friday.
  10. Three-five years away: https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/local/greenville/2024/07/01/gsp-airport-upgrades-include-boarding-bridges-parking-and-possible-hotel/74098317007/
  11. Just trying to share some info. Guess I won’t anymore.
  12. Yeah, you’re thinking of this: https://greenvillegateway.com
  13. They just copied and pasted the same article from a year ago.
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